"Chase McKay Didn't Get Up Today"
Finalist in the Arizona Glyph Awards!
Finalist in the Southwest Book Awards!

"My daughter, who is about as honest as they come, loved the story.
She can't wait for the next book!"
J.S. Lewis, author of the Grey Griffin Series

Dear Mrs. Williams, I liked "Chase McKay Won't Get Up Today" because it was funny. Sometimes I want to stay in bed. I want to read it
again. I am glad I have the book.

Yours truly, Dylan

"Kids and parents both will relate to Chase McKay's dilema.
Sometimes I don't want to get up either."
Janette Rallison, author of "The Fair Godmother."

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“Chase McKay would not get up,
so Mama made his bed.
She straightened the covers and pulled them,
right over his head.
Chase McKay cannot play,
He didn't get out of bed today.”

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"Remember Me Daddy:
A true story about life with Alzheimer’s "
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by Cindy R. Williams
An excerpt from the upcoming book was awarded "Honorable Mention" in
Writer’s Digest 77th Annual Writing Competition which attracted over 17,000 entries.



"Thundertail's Tale: The Legend"
by Cindy R. Williams
Coming soon!

Cindy's holding Thundertail and Sparkin.
See . . . dragons are for real!


Update September 3, 2009 DONE! Finished! The End! "Thundertail's Tale: The Legend" is officially in preliminary editing and will be shipped out next week for a professional edit. The dragons and fairies and fat belly boohahs are doing the jig along with Cindy. Not a pretty site, but a whole lot of fun! For future updates please go to the "Blog Tab."

Update July 10, 2009 If this mystery doesn't get out of my head and on the computer, Arizona dragons could very well become extinct. Sparkin and Brooks, his sage, are busy flying around the United States. The nasty Gatekeepers of Shadows are keeping close tabs and still trying to catch him. He thinks he may have found another dragon clan, but clues are leading to just across the border in Mexico. Anyone seen any dragons lately? If so, please email Sparkin at
cindydragon@q.com, and I will pass on the message through Fairy Express. THANKS!

Update April 17, 2009 I have run into a bit of a dragon dilema. I am being followed and I'm not sure who is doing the following. It is quite upsetting. I feel someone watching, then turn quickly to look, but I either see scads of magical creatures or . . . no one. I am in danger. Can YOU help me?

Update March 14, 2009 Saw lots of me lads today at ye old Renaissance Festival. Dragons abound. A bunch of my fairy friends showed up to frolic today. I was flying and whapped one with my wing. Not to worry. No harm done. I am being edited by the toughest editors known to man or dragon next week. Cross your talons for me will you. I hope to be in your hands sooner than you can say Gargolgothasolarsandstormnoodleflipperdyswashsnog.

Update February 27, 2009 Something really creepy is up, or down in the Grand Canyon. I flew down there to visit Crystal Falls, I think you humans call it Havasupi Falls. There were grackle flying goblins lurking about. Please be careful next time you hike down that Deep Divide! I hope to see you soon, Sparkin.

Update February 4, 2009 Allrighty now, it is time for editing. Hmmmmm. Not so much fun having to cut out some of my escapades all over Arizona, but alas, it must be done, or so the powers that be say so, whoever in the world they are. The dark powers have grown stronger, and life is pretty wild right now. I hope to be a part of your world soon!--- and yes, this is me, Sparkin, the dragon.

Update January 10, 2009 "Hi. Sparkin, the dragon, here. About the dragon-napping thing---, never mind, I can't tell you, but I can tell you I did a perfect Caber Toss today. We dragons are great at Brackle Bramble Games, which to many of you humans are called the Highland Games. Look them up. You have to be incredibly strong to excell in these. Things are coming to a brisk Zephir. The winds are stirring."

Update November 14, 2008 Things are changing in the Supersition Mountains, and I don't mean the weather. An alarm has been sounded. A dragon has been dragon napped--- well, you don't kidnap a dragon, you dragon nap a dragon. Actually, I hope YOU don't do any taking of either dragons or kids. You would definatley not be allowed back on this magical website again. (This goes for you Gate Keepers of Shadows too.) The Summonsong will be sung for hours on end. Magical Creatures will be swarming all around you. Now is a good time to see a fairy. You will usually see them out of the corner of your eye. You know, like when you are looking at something, and there is a flash of movement, or you could swear you saw something whoosh by. You turn and look, and there is nothing there. Well, more often than not, it was a fairy.
I feel I must warn you that the goblins are out in force as well, and there has never been such a rash of toe twizzling. I must urge you to keep your tootsies covered when you go to sleep. Be chary, be very, very chary. Chin up though, the future is bright for those believing in magic.

October 22, 2008
The toe twizzlers made a visit last night. Four toes have been twizzled or switched. I must say it is best to wear toe twizzle protection socks to bed or at least keep your tootsies under the covers. Of course, toes can be un-twizzled, but it truly is a bit alarming to wake up and see toes growing in the wrong order, and one or two of them on backwards.

Update October 15, 2008Sparkin just rescued three little fairies in the Murky Tunnel below the Academy. It was really quite a frightening situation. It is as dark as midnight and very dank down there. Most creatures avoid the Murky Tunnel, but Sparkin was late for a Study clear on the other side of the Academy. He took a short-cut and came across the three tiny sparklies being tortured by whom or what he can not be too sure. All he saw were two gleaming purple eyes that radiated sheer evil. I, for one, am very glad there are still heros around and about.

Update September 15, 2008As I finish connecting the entire project, I just left Sparkin as he walked into the Eak. The Erudite Academy of Creaturehood. He has loads of lads there, dragons as well as fairies, fat belly boohahs, an albino goblin, elves, trolls, mermaids just to name a few. Th Academy is huge, and I mean HUGE. Of course, it would have to be to hold so many magical creatures of all sizes. At this point in the book, he has yet to meet Chase, but after some shinanigans and Brackle Bramble Games, Sparkin will be in major trouble,which precipitates their meeting at last. It is really getting magical.
In fact, I am finding it harder and harder to step back into the human world. Hmmm . . . What does that mean?

Update September 8, 2008Ever so hard to write when a bodach has frozen your fingers. I keep trying anyway. The bodachs are known as "Freeze Shadows" because they look like shadows that are thick and gooey much like thick malassas or rich lotion or heavy syrup, or creamy soup or melted black licorice or murky black slime or pasty glue (double whammy there) or chocolate pudding. . . you get the picture right? These right nasty creatures freeze you if they touch you. Now, I said freeze you, not kill you--a big difference in my book. Between the bodachs and the young ones breaking appendages, and getting strange body bothers like strep, and doggies running away, sweetlings going to BYU, elderly sweetling scrambling for a place to nest, snozzes coming to stay, fargies flipping out, nibbling on nish nosh, trapping sanity before it whisps away, creating a website, press releases, and a brochure to promote the big guys day job, Thundertail is on a holding pattern above the Superstition Mountains. Not to worry, he is alive and well, and will be landing soon.

Update August 13, 2008
Sparkin just made a big change in the ending of the first book. Can't tell you what it is yet. You'll have to wait 'till the book comes out, but it is pretty cool, or a "Fireblast" according to Sparkin. He keeps wondering why I am watching the Olympics instead of writing. How do you tell a dragon to be patient, and explain that we humans have to keep an eye onMichael Phelps?

Update July 29, 2008 The family is all nestled in bed for the night. My favorite time to write. I have also figured out that writing is enhanced by chocolate. In fact, I think chocolate helps in many situations in life. The Eagle Scout projects are all done, actually both Jordan's and Hunter's. Amazing young men. This is a good thing, because they are both needed back in the book soon to do some "d-back" riding. The first three chapters are now being edited by several incredibly talented authors/editors. Then it is off to agents and publishers. An announcement just popped out of New Dragonland. Sparkin's twin brothers, Hawkin and Corkin are now triplets. Dawkin. the rascal, is the third and new brother. He adds lots of nutsy cookoo time to the Stoneloch Clan, and is great at causing a Zepher. Sparkin and Chase are busy flying over Arizona. Don't strain your eyes looking for them though 'cause they are usually "Dizzing," which you know makes them invisible. They just visited Havasupi Falls, but were attacked by Goblins flying on Grackles. The Bodachs are lurking nearby. Things are getting pretty tense. Thanks for checking up on how the book is coming. This is a fun world to spend time in. In fact, I may decide to stay if things don't shape up around here. Hope the not so innocent in the "Giving Mom Grief" department read this. Oh, such high drama.

Update June 25, 2008
I just finished some research for the book. I love to learn how others see dragons. Most see them as ferocious. and fire breathing. Yes, they are at times, but they are also quite amiable chaps and make very good and loyal friends. They are much like any good friend. Treat them well, and you will be treated well. Treat them poorly and you may be alone.
The first draft of Thundertail's Tale: The Legend is about 100,000 words and is nearing completion! Come back and visit soon for more on this fun book. I am having the time of my life in New Dragonland. The Bodachs keep making a frozen mess of chapter 11, but I just about have them whipped, or better yet, sizzled. I keep having to come back to the real world to fix meals for my family, clean, wash cloths and be a taxi service. This next week we are all helping with my 13 year old son's Eagle Scout Project, so it will cut into my writing time, although it is a very worthy cause, and I am proud of my son.
I am quite a night writer, and that is the best time anyway to let your imagination fly. I have found out that waiting at doctors offices has become golden writing time. Now I don't have to keep trying to come up with a way to charge doctors for MY time wasted. One other thing keeps getting in the way as I finish Thundertail's Tale: The Legend. FAIRIES!!!! There are 13 of them that keep pushing for their story to be told. I keep asking them to wait patiently, that their time will come. Have you ever had to keep 13 fairies placated? It is quite a riot.

Update June 16, 2008
I don't write from "Once upon a time" to "and they lived happily ever after". I jump around to whatever exciting thing happens to Chase and Sparkin. They tell me this is called character based writing. I just finished the scene where Sparkin and Chase met. I also just rewrote the scene where the Bodach, the frozen shadow, oozed into Chase's and Hunter's room. It turned out quite chilling. It's too creepy to read at night. I am now finishing the last connecting scenes. I'm having so much fun living with Sparkin, Chase, Scorch, Blackabee, Crackabee, and Jo-wink. Hannah and Brennah, dragon twins living in Rocky Point Mexico, just joined the adventure. My family will be reading the first draft this summer, and their input is invaluable. They are my best and my worst critics. They have no qualms about telling me how great or how ridiculous it is, even though I am the center of their lives. (I know, who am I kidding?) Once I make all the final changes suggested by my cheering/heckling squad, I will send out "Thundertail's Tale: The Legend" to my favorite publishers on dragon wings.

Update March 13, 2008This magical tale is about the wonderful adventures of a boy who rescues Sparkin, a young dragon, from the Secret Sinister Society known as the Gate Keepers of Shadows. You can hop on the back of the dragon and go riding "d-back" which of course is short for "dragon back". Share in many exciting times as the brave boy and dragon encounter goblins, cyclops, bodachs and Irish Firbolgs. Visit the Magical Creatures Academy with Sparkin, and his mates along with fairies, unicorns, mountain elves, fat belly boohahs, mermaids and others magic folk. Meet many, mighty, magical creatures that escaped from the Knights in Shining Armor during the Medieval Dragon Slaying Days.
Now, have you seen a dragon lately? I didn't think so. Few have. Let me tell you a bit about them.
Dragons. . . , as I mentioned, escaped from England, Ireland and Scotland over 350 years ago. The Knights were really good guys following bad advice. The afore mentioned Secret Sinister Society, The Gate Keepers of Shadows wanted the dragon's magic and their Powerstones, so they spread some pretty nasty propaganda about how dragons are nothing more than fire breathing, human roasting beasts. Not so. Spend a little quality time with one, and you will see they are quite the affable creatures full of good will.
As I was saying, the dragons migrated about 350 years ago to twelve or thirteen places around the world. I forget how many, and will have to check in the Official Registry of Dragons. Don't hold your breath though, it will take several months to track down the fairies that are the keepers of the Scrolls of all Creatures Magic.
Dragons now live hiding happily in harmony with other magical creatures whom joined them to escape the Knights, or more to the point, the Gate Keepers of Shadows. The largest colony or as dragons prefer, clans, now live in the Superstition Mountains. Odd place you might think, but please think again. Dragons love gold. What better place than them thar hills, home of the Lost Dutchman Mine, and many other mines, some known, many not. There is plenty of gold for the dragons to spin into their wonderful soft cloud beds.
Now before you go on about having hiked all over the Superstition's, and never running into a dragon, let me explain about dragon magic. It is ancient and very powerful. The Gate Keepers of Shadows have been after dragons for their powerful magic for thousands of years. It is quite the battle of good verses evil, and my friends, believe me when I tell you, the dragons are on the side of good. With this ancient dragon magic, they were able to create a Protective Shield Dome surrounding New Dragonland.
Oh, I know, you have never bumped into any kind of a barrier along any of the hiking trails. But . . . consider this. If a human were to happen upon the Shield Dome, just one step and they would be out the other side. It is like being transported across a hundred miles in one simple step. You feel nothing out of the ordinary, you see nothing out of the ordinary, you hear nothing out of the ordinary, but if your snoz is any good, you may smell something out of the ordinary; lilacs. There is a faint smell of lilacs. Dragons love lilacs.
But lilacs don't grow in Arizona, you scoff. Well, I am here to tell you they do in New Dragonland. In fact with the strong ancient magic of the dragons along with the Fat Belly Boohahs special powers and other white magic creatures, all of New Dragonland is quite lush, almost tropical. Why they have their very own fresh, clear Tamarask Lake filled by the sweet water from the most glorious Rainbow Falls. The Fairy Sprites live in the gentle mists. Mermaids make beautiful pearl castles in Tamarask Lake and grow and harvest delectable Spreedunckle on the bottom. So you see, it is highly unlikely you will stumble upon dragons or any magical folk in all your hiking, or picnicking in the Superstition Mountains, but just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there.
Dragons will fly out of the Shield Dome now and again. After all, 100 miles is not a whole lot of real estate for very large creatures when the smallest of the small ones are about five times your size. But even when they do venture forth into our human world, it is highly unlikely you will see them because they "Dizz" whenever they leave the Shield Dome.
What is "Dizzing" you ask? "Dizzing" is what a dragon does to become invisible to the human eye. They wiggle and vibrate so rapidly that they disappear. They Dizz-fly too, which is not to be confused with shoo-fly. In fact, the last time you felt a breeze, it just may have been a dragon whooshing past you.
Ancient Dragon Magic can also "Befuddle" humans. Have you ever walked in the room to get something, then realize you forgot what you were looking for? Then you know what it is like to be "Befuddled".
Now how about fairies? Do you believe in fairies? If you do, then you are probably well acquainted with their disguises. Most humans see fairies as either Flutterbys (butterflies to the skeptics), dragon flies, and Bombeeboos (Bumblebees to the unimaginative). If you are a friend of the fairies and know what to look for, and maybe even have fairy sight, you will see their true form as they flit about. You also know there are fairies about by their scent. Fairies always smell like sweet flowers, all kinds of flowers: roses of course, freesias, honeysuckle, orange and lemon blossoms, lilacs, plumaria (in Hawaii, you know.) So if you suspect the little flying bugaboo you see could be a fairy, sniff. Be chary though, -this means to be aware and careful. If you smell the stench of swamp . . . RUN!!! Goblins smell like rotten swamps.
Now I have mentioned Fat Belly Boohahs. I am pretty sure you have never seen one of these because I have only made the acquaintance of two in all my life; Pudunkulous (Pudunk) Plimpington and his wife Peonesta (Nesta) and they are about the nicest fat belly boohahs ever. They can shoot streaks of silver and green magic from their fingers and toes, a rather spectacular looking thing. I have tried it myself, but without much success. They have lovely rainbow feathered tailes, on their very round and lumpy bodies. Their stick like legs are purple and pink striped and look a bit like pipe cleaners. Very attractive. But the story of Fat Belly Boohahs is a twisted sort, and I really don't have the time to tell that yarn right now, so I think my best advice to you is to check back now and again for more information on them.
I will write more about dragons, fairies, mermaids, goblins and of course Thundertail's Tale on this website soon. Thanks so much for spending a few minutes with these enchanted friends. Keep an eye out for "Thundertail's Tale: The Legend." If you want to be on the mailing list, to be one of the first ones to get "Thundertail's Tale: The Legend", go to the "Contact" Tab and drop me a note.
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